Karamoja Classrooms

Karamoja is a remote, arid sub-region of nomadic herders in northeastern Uganda. It has been under-served by foreign aid, missionaries, non-government organizations, and the Ugandan government.

The existing building serves three purposes: meeting for the local church, space for a community preschool, and classroom space for the Karamoja Church of Christ. Healing Hands International drilled a well to provide the Lorengechora Church of Christ which provides water to both the church and the surrounding community.


The Lorengchora Church of Christ was planted by ministers from the Busoga Bible School1 The church is the main congregation in the area. With only an auditorium an adult class meets outside under a tree on Sunday mornings. The church received doors a few years ago to keep livestock out of the church building and a small kitchen outside.


Space for a community preschool. The preschool has 80 children who come on weekdays. The children are fed a cup of porridge and given basic education they would not receive elsewhere. They are able to drink clear water from the well and play on the small playground adjacent to the church.

Karamoja Bible School (KBS)

KBS provides education in biblical studies and ministerial subjects for christians from the Karamoja region.

The church now has weekly meetings, a preschool that serves children in the area and provides them with learning and a meal.

The church is is need of a classroom building. There is only one room the church building and additional classes on Sunday or during the preschool time, additional classes meet under the shade tree on the property.

There are plans to build a classroom building adjacent to the church building. This will help with classroom space for the church and the daily preschool and provide learning space for classes offered via Karamoja Bible School (KBS).

The total cost of this building is $20,000. $10,000 of this is offered as a matching gift. $2,000 has been given; $8,000 remains.

  1. Busoga is a different region in Uganda with a different language and people. Missionaries came to Busoga in the 1990’s planting churches and Busoga Bible School to educate ministers and church leaders from Busoga.